Landscaping Insurance in Connecticut

What is landscaping insurance?

Landscaping is hard work that comes with some risk. Landscaping insurance can help Connecticut landscapers with the latter, offering protection against a range of potential perils.

Landscaping insurance is commercial insurance tailored for landscapers and lawn care professionals. Policies often come with both property and liability protections, which may be customized.

What lawn care businesses in Connecticut is lawn care insurance for?

Lawn care insurance is available for most lawn care and landscaping businesses in Connecticut. It’s generally recommended that businesses doing this work get a policy.

Moreover, policies are purchased by lawncare and landscaping businesses of all sizes:

  • Statewide landscaping and lawn care companies
  • Local landscapers and lawn care businesses
  • Full-time self-employed lawn care professionals 
  • Individuals who mow lawns part-time
  • Seasonal lawn care businesses and individuals
  • Others offering landscaping and mowing services

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Landscaping Insurance Connecticut

What insurance coverages are available in lawn care insurance policies?

Lawn care insurance policies usually offer multiple protections, either as standard or optional protections.

When selecting a policy, landscapers should consider various protections:

  • Commercial Property Coverage: Usually protects a landscaping business’s buildings and items stored at those facilities, which may include landscaping and tree equipment, lawn care equipment, plants, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and more.
  • Inland Marine Coverage: Usually protects items during their transportation to and from customer locations, which may include lawn care and landscaping equipment, products, and plants, among other items.
  • General Liability Coverage: Usually protects against liability lawsuits arising from common accidents for which a landscaper is allegedly responsible. Often can cover injuries occurring at a facility or worksite, but normally excludes auto accidents.
  • Errors and Omissions Coverage: Usually protects against errors made when advising customers about maintaining or installing landscaping features. Often shortened E&O.
  • Product Liability Coverage: Usually protects against injuries and property damage resulting from products used or sold by landscapers, often covering harm caused by fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and other treatments.
  • Environmental Liability Coverage: Usually protects against local environmental damage caused by products like fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and other chemical treatments. Often covers leaks, spills, and over-application. 
  • Commercial Auto Coverage: Usually protects commercial vans and trucks owned by a landscaping or lawn care business, normally covering damage and injuries occurring during accidents. May also cover non-accident events that damage a vehicle.
  • Commercial Umbrella Coverage: Usually provides an extra layer of protection for covered liability lawsuits that exceed the limits of other liability protections.

Should landscapers get workers compensation?

In Connecticut, businesses with employees are generally required to have workers compensation insurance. Most statewide and local landscaping companies need workers comp. Individuals who mow and don’t have employees likely don’t need the coverage.

Can landscapers use their landscaping policy to cover snow plowing?

Many insurance providers offer policies that cover both landscaping and snow removal equipment, recognizing the seasonal needs of landscapers in Connecticut. An insurance agent who specializes in lawn care insurance can help find a dual-purpose policy.

Landscaping Insurance Connecticut

Can landscaping policies cover landscape architects?

Most landscaping policies have the protections that landscape architects need, so long as robust errors and omissions coverage is included. 

Architects who complete actual landscaping work will probably find that a landscaping policy works best for them. Those who offer design services, but don’t actually do the landscaping work itself, might be able to get a more pared-down policy.

A knowledgeable agent can assist landscape architects in selecting their E&O coverage, and generally choosing a type of policy.

Workers compensation primarily protects against a range of workplace accidents that could cause injuries.

How much do landscapers pay for their insurance policies?

Insurance premiums for landscapers vary based on factors like location, services offered, products used, and types of vehicles. Generally, the premiums are affordable.

Landscapers can compare quotes with an independent insurance agent, to find out how much a policy that finds their needs will be. Independent agents are able to check quotes from multiple insurance companies.

Where can lawn care businesses and landscapers get landscaping insurance?

For help insuring a lawn care or landscaping business that’s in Connecticut, reach out to the independent insurance agents at Lana Insurance Center. Our agents will work closely with you to find a policy that meets your business’s particular needs well.

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