Restaurant Insurance in Connecticut

What is restaurant insurance?

Building damage, broken equipment, spoiled food, and customer injuries are just a few of the risks that restaurants face. Restaurant insurance may help protect Connecticut dining establishments from these and other risks.

Restaurant insurance offers customizable coverages that help restaurants shield themselves against many of the risks they face. Policies often cover both property and liability risks.

What dining establishments in Connecticut need restaurant liability insurance?

Restaurant liability insurance is recommended for almost all dining establishments in Connecticut. A single incident could lead to an expensive lawsuit. Most restaurants should also include property coverages within their policy. 

Of course, this means that many different types of restaurants get this type of policy. Policies are available for:

  • Fine dining establishments, upscale restaurants, and steak houses
  • Fast-casual places, family-friendly diners, and buffets
  • Bistros, cafes, coffee shops, and tea houses
  • Most other restaurants

Businesses like caterers and food trucks frequently need a slightly different policy. Even though many coverages might be similar, a food truck or catering policy is usually better for these businesses.

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Restaurant Insurance Connecticut

What property insurance coverages are available for restaurants?

Property coverages primarily insure assets, buildings or otherwise, against damage and other risks. Some property coverages that restaurants often get are:

  • Commercial Building Coverage: Generally covers a restaurant-owned building, often including outdoor seating areas, parking lots, and other structures on the property if applicable.
  • Commercial Contents Coverage: Generally covers items at the property that are owned by the restaurant. These might include ovens, stoves, prep equipment, refrigerators, and freezers, as well as POS systems, furniture, decor, and more.
  • Tenant’s Betterment Coverage: Generally covers improvements and modifications made by a restaurant when leasing a space. Coverage normally encompasses both back-of-house and front-of-house build-outs.
  • Food Contamination Coverage: Generally covers the spoilage of ingredients and prepared meals, when spoilage is the result of a covered peril’s effects. Might apply if food spoils after a fire, lightning strike, power outage, or other event.

What types of restaurant liability insurance coverages are available for restaurants?

Restaurant liability insurance coverages primarily protect in situations where the restaurant could be held responsible for a customer’s, or other party’s, harm. Some oft-important restaurant liability insurance protections include:

  • General Liability Coverage: Could cover incidents where a customer or vendor is injured during an everyday accident, such as a slip and fall. Frequently also includes coverage for defamation and false advertising suits.
  • Liquor Liability Coverage: Could cover situations involving an intoxicated customer. Frequently includes protection for fights, sexual assaults, DUIs, and alcohol poisoning cases.
  • Product Liability Coverage: Could cover instances where a customer becomes ill from food or drink that wasn’t safely prepared. Usually also covers choking and other injuries caused by food, too.
  • Umbrella Liability Coverage: Could cover cases where a lawsuit exceeds the limits of another restaurant liability coverage listed here.

Do restaurant policies cover special events occurring at a restaurant?

Restaurants shouldn’t have a problem finding policies that’ll cover special events a restaurant hosts. Not all policies will automatically cover larger rehearsal dinners, corporate parties, or fundraisers, though. 

An insurance agent who’s well-versed in restaurant policies can check whether a specific one would cover events.

Restaurant Insurance Connecticut

How much does it cost to insure a restaurant?

The premiums that restaurants pay for insurance vary, depending on factors like their location, food and beverage offerings, annual revenues, building size, and past claims history. Restaurants can compare policies from different insurance companies by checking quotes with an independent insurance agent.

Where can Connecticut restaurants find restaurant insurance that meets their needs?

If you need help insuring a restaurant that’s located in Connecticut, get in touch with the independent insurance agents at Lana Insurance Center. Our agents will work with you to determine specific coverage needs, and then help you compare policies that meet those needs. Together, we can find a restaurant insurance policy that’ll give your establishment the protections it should have.

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